Single Output 1800W 3A Variable High Voltage 600V DC Power Supply

Single Output 1800W 3A Variable High Voltage 600V DC Power Supply

Twintex TP6H-3S is a high voltage DC power supply, output voltage 0-600Vdc, output current 0-3A. As a basic power supply, it features good stability and reliability. It a true rated power supply and can work full load for at least 8 hours continuously.

The the sampe product family, TP-S series have output range up to 6kW. The TP-S series can be made according to customer request, with output voltage up to 800V and output current up to 200A. Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection and Over Load Protection keep the TP-S series and their load safe from unexpected conditions. High Accuracy, high stability and low ripple & noise make the TP-S series an ideal solution for various industrial applications.

>> Max. output power ranging from 200W to 6kW

>> Max. output voltage 800V, Max. output current 200A

>> Applying advanced PWM control technology

>> Compact design and light weight (3~9kg)

>> Constant voltage and constant current operations

>> Auto CV/CC switch

>> Coarse and Fine control for voltage and current

>> Over voltage, over current, over temperature and over power protections

>> Adjustable OVP range, OCP fixed 105% of Max. current range

>> Intelligent temperature control cooling fan

>> Customized specifications and functions acceptable

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