Rack Mount Programmable 2400W 12A Laboratory 10A Variable 200V DC Power Supply

Rack Mount Programmable 2400W 12A Laboratory 10A Variable 200V DC Power Supply

Twintex PCL2400-2H is a high quality programmable power supply, giving output voltage 0 to 200 volt and output current 10 amps 12 amps.

It is a 2U rack mount power supply that can be used in ATE system in industrial lines and laboratory. One of its remarkable feature is that it has no overshoot during voltage output, giving very stable output. Stable output is key to protect devices under test (DUT).

In the same product family PCL series, there are high power output Switching DC power supply with rated power from 600W to 9KW, built into a 2U/3U 19-inch standard chassis. The maximum rated voltage is from 6V to 600V and the maximum rated current is from 2A to 300A. RS232, RS485 and RS422 communication interfaces are made as standard part for PCL series, providing multiple communication choices for digital control.

>> Adopting ZVZCS PWM technology, high efficiency and high stability

>> 4 1/2 digits LED display for voltage and current

>> Max.rated output 600W to 9KW

>> Max.rated voltage from 6V to 600V, max.rated current from 2A to 300A

>> Constant voltage and constant current operations, auto CV/CC switch

>> Built into 19-inch standard chassis: 2U chassis for 600W~5KW, 3U chassis for 6KW~9KW

>> Thermostatic control fan, low noise

>> Low ripple, high stability

>> No overshoot during startup

>> List mode function, Auto Run function

>> Preset function, setting of voltage and current with output open circuit

>> Front panel operation: preset voltage and current, output ON/OFF

>> Multiple protections: OVP, OTP, UVP and current limit protections

>> Multiple programming interfaces: RS232, RS485 and RS422

>> Support ModBus-RTU commands

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